Kicking off 2023 with a Healthy Reset

Jan 31, 2023 | Onions, Press Release

Talking Onions & Resolutions with Matthew Gideon

GREENCASTLE, PA – JANUARY 4, 2023 — For many of us, the new year ushers in a unique excitement along with a renewed sense of being our best selves. Whether that means finally reading that book, joining a gym, booking a trip, starting a new hobby, or fueling your body better… We all tend to pick up healthy habits this time of year. Today I’m sitting down with Matthew Gideon to discuss some of his goals in the new year, as well as how he’s using onions and other Keystone/Progressive commodities to accomplish them!

Before we dive in to the healthy eating, can you give us an update on sweet onions? What is going on with Peru, and what’s coming down the pipeline?
The markets have been very stable and we expect that trend to continue into 2023. We are still in the middle of our Peruvian harvest and Peruvian onion season. The season has been excellent for us so far.  Overall, movement is similar to last year and our loyal customers and dedicated growers have made the season a positive one.  This year we focused on positioning ourselves in more nimble manner.  We streamlined our business in Peru and became more efficient, and it has paid dividends for us.  Overall, the sweet onion market was stable this fall and winter and we expect the remaining couple of months with Peru onions to be just as smooth.  We will transition to our Mexican Mayan Sweet onions starting next month!

Are you kicking off the year with any resolutions?
Me personally, I like to do a Whole30 reset at the beginning of the year.  It allows my body and mind to reset as the new year arrives and gives me a renewed focus on healthy living and a positive push into the new year.  I find that if I am healthy personally, I tend to make more productive strides professionally!

How will you incorporate onions into your cooking during the next couple of months?
The winter months are a great opportunity to use the full lineup of onions in your local stores.  Everything from dips and appetizers during the NFL Playoffs, to hearty stews, gumbos, and chilis… all great options! I usually cook 3 meals a day and I ALWAYS start with onions!

What other Keystone or Progressive commodities do you incorporate into this lifestyle?
Since Keystone/Progressive is in the fruit and vegetable business, I like to incorporate as many of our items as possible!  Living in Texas it is sometimes hard to find our items in the local stores (hint hint), but I do support all of the healthy and fresh items in my local grocery stores.  Apples and almond butter make a perfect afternoon snack!  Some of our gold potatoes and sweet onions are excellent bases for braised short ribs.

Can you share one of your favorite healthy meals with us?
I can make an excellent seared chicken thigh with some roasted vegetables and a chili oil drizzle. I also like to make a fresh herb salad to add some freshness and color! 

I have a few tricks to fight off the cravings while doing Whole30. What are some of yours?
I like to get outside and get moving.  I try to stay preoccupied with other tasks.  Also, most of us do not drink enough water, so I make sure I’m constantly hydrated.  And I get rid of the things that aren’t healthy, like chips, candy, snacks etc. 

What other healthy habits or goals, not food-related, that you are focusing on?
I enjoy travelling so I’d like to visit a location I’ve never been to before. In the same vein of many of us being dehydrated, we also don’t get enough sleep. I’d like to focus on evening habits and get an extra 30-60 minutes of sleep per night. Waking up energized each morning will also lead to a more productive day!

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